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My son, Isaiah was treated successfully by Dr. Bell for ADHD and PTSD. I wish I had found her in 2006, when Isaiah was first diagnosed. For years Isaiah struggled in school and has had an Individual Education Plan, (IEP) which only lessened his work load so he could keep up with the other students in his class. In 2010 Isaiah had a particularly rough year and that is when our family doctor recommended us to Dr. Bell. His treatment started well into the school year and behaviors were already set in place. He was angry all the time, forgetting everything he needed to do, not able to focus and getting frustrated because he could not keep up with his classmates. Isaiah was giving up, but change for the good started to trickle in. Isaiah did not pick fights with his brother as often as he would before Dr. Bell’s treatment and his teacher began to approach me about Isaiah’s improved behavior in the classroom. Isaiah’s grades had always been a C and D level, but he finished his 8th grade year with a 3.4 GPA. His treatment with Dr. Bell was complete and Isaiah is a whole new child now. He is happy and more confident. His IEP no longer reduces his workload so he is able to work at the same level every other child is able to. He does not feel singled out anymore and finally feels he can play sports again because he is able to keep up with both class work and practice. Every time Isaiah finds an opportunity to share his story with others he does and he always say he owes his success in school to Dr. Bell.

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I am writing this letter as a testimonial in support of the incredible work that Dr. Bell facilitated to help me finally move forward in my life.

To summarize, I had been dealing with years of moderate to severe depression and anxiety as well as numerous symptoms of ADHD. Needless to say that my life was more than challenging on a day to day basis and very unsatisfactory. I was intensely unhappy. I had trouble getting through the day because I was so depressed and anxious, had lots of trouble with concentration and focus, and had very little self-confidence. And I had honestly tried every medication and treatment modality possible for the prior 20+ years of my life with little or no significant change. It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to hear about Dr. Bell and her therapy that my painful life began to really change for the better.

Detailed ways in which the therapy benefited my life included: great reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms over the months, increased ability to focus and concentrate so that I could once again become a more successful and contributing member to society. I reduced the amount of medications that I was taking while working with Dr. Bell and was also able to begin to sleep better. I also began a new relationship during the time I was in therapy and feel that she and the therapy helped me so much at that time to work through any issues, anxiety and fears that I was having. Where I would have sabotaged the relationship before due to fear and emotional instability, now I was able to move forward and enjoy it. I am so excited to say that I recently married that man I was in a relationship with and we are moving happily forward as I am a very different woman. The amazing thing is that even though I am no able to currently utilize the therapy, I am continuing to maintain all of the benefits. I continue to move forward and am enjoying life of a much more mentally and emotionally stable woman and person.

On a final note, I felt that Dr. Bell really cared about me and my healing which is so rare in a therapist these days. She always worked very hard every session to ensure that I received the best possible therapy for my situation at the time. I will continue to recommend her to my friends, family and anyone that I meet that could benefit for her expertise.

Kimberly F.