Case Studies


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My son has been diagnosed with ADHD. After the official diagnosis, he was put on pharmaceuticals to help his problem. The only reason I gave into this method was because, after doing extensive research, experts said that if a child is not given some sort of medication, he/she will seek out drugs or other detrimental methods to cope with their problem.

In addition to this medicine my son was taking (which made him zombie-like), he was also having to see doctors and counselors. This was very time consuming and expensive.

I was lucky to here of Dr. Bell through one of the school counselors. I did my research, and after believing that neurofeedback could help my son, I called Dr. Bell.

After seeing Dr. Bell for less than one month, my 13 year old son was a new person. He still had his characteristic teen behavior, but his anxiousness, moodiness and inability to focus well had evaporated with Dr. Bell’s treatments. I am so happy we found Dr. Bell.


Susan B. Lopez,