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I am a parent of an ADHD child and am a Registered Nurse. My child began having trouble when he began school. He first presented with sensory integration issues and also behavioral agitation. He was given OT, PT and Social Work, and speech therapy services at school with no significant changes. In kindergarten he showed to be very behind and after feelings of helplessness, I consulted the school Psychologist on what to do. She suggested Dr. Pamela Bell and neurofeedback. In his first treatment it amazed me how I could actually see the facial expression change on my son’s face immediately. He looked and acted more relaxed. We also saw him get into less and less trouble at school over several months. His agitation and irritability decreased and his ability to stay focused and learn in school increased. We saw amazing improvement in his grades. No meds; no counselor. As a nurse I have also referred many of my patients to see Dr. Bell as well as many of these patient’s children that are on medications and are not seeing a psychiatrist. Many have not had a baseline EKG before beginning a medication regimen, which is recommended, their only treatment is medication. Many of these parents have complaints of their children being zombie like or too many additions of medications or dose changes. These are all risky medications that can cause numerous side effects and are not the only mode of treatment. Psycho stimulants should be the last mode of treatment after other modes of treatment are tried. And Neurofeedback having been endorsed as a Level 1 treatment by the Academy of Pediatrics for ADHD should be first on your list.


Lisa Armijo,