Case Studies


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Antonio has always been a happy, loving child, but has always had difficulty with children his age and in social situations and appropriate behaviors. Since starting Neurofeedback with Dr. Bell he seems more comfortable in his own skin. His tics are almost gone. He has become increasingly curious about what’s around him; people, his environment. Doing things he never had interest in before, climbing trees, playing with other kids. He has been trying different foods, asking questions, expressing himself, where before he would just cry or cream because he didn’t know how to say what he wanted.

There are still times when he gets frustrated or upset and he still demonstrates ADHD or Autistic behaviors but everyday he does a little better. These things my husband and I thought he’d have to learn to live with aren’t things he has to live with, but things he has been able to overcome, we feel with the help of Dr. Bell and Neurofeedback.


Jenny P.,